I’ve been focusing on containers and closures lately instead of the contents in the bottle. Let’s change that today. Everyone who has spent more than half a minute on the blog knows I like Bourbon. Well occasionally you run into one which just doesn’t make the cut. I have one just like that I am trying to finish up. Booker’s is just not my cup of tea. It’s harsh and alcoholic and I don’t think I could drink it neat if I tried due to the heat. It comes in a neat package and that is about where it ends. I get that Booker’s is uncut, unfiltered and all that jazz and the proof is high and that is why it is alcoholic. It just isn’t a pleasure to consume and I won’t be buying it again nor asking for it out and about. Since it is a straight from the barrel bourbon perhaps the barrel selected for my bottle was less than stellar, perhaps it is just my taste, but in the end it’s all about me and what I like and this one is off the list.