I noticed a post today on Shooting Illustrated about the right gun for a woman. I covered this back in September 2012 and pointed out any firearm purchase is a personal decision. I think the SI article solidifies you should not guess what someone else will like and use, and the decision can only be made by the individual. My wife loves here Bersa Thunder, however I’m not sure she is quite as enamored with her Walther PPK. I know she would swipe my Ruger SR9C in an instant and the jury is still out on whether or not she will eventually lover her S&W LadySmith. I’m hopeful she will, it is a beautiful gun, but it came from the factory with the action a little gritty and not polished and smooth. Maybe after a good cleaning it will be smooth and silky, I sure hope so, the price of admission was steep.

Bottom line, show the person a myriad of firearms and let them make the decision. Not every woman likes a pink gun!