So yesterday after I finished up a concealed class I loaded up the Radom P64 and threw some lead downrange. This is one peppy little gun, but my gosh that puppy is accurate. The very first shot was right on target and each shot that followed ripped a hole through the center ring. Now I was shooting it cocked so single action. Double action the pull even with the new spring is a beast. I’m not opposed to that since every shot that follows would be single action. I also like that the gun with a round in the chamber and the safety off would have a strong trigger pull. You may remember I lessened the trigger pull right after I received the gun, but it still is a bit of a booger bear. My other gripe is loading the magazines is difficult. I used a speed loader for the first two magazines and then loaded without for the rest and you could literally break a sweat trying to get the last bullet into the mag. I’ll go back to using the speed loader from now on.

I’d gripe about the sights being so low and compact, but scoring with every shot the first time you shoot the gun what is to gripe about? It’s a little beast and I could certainly see it finding a place in the concealed lineup. The ammo is a little tricky since it is 9mm Makarov (9x18mm). It is not the easiest ammunition to locate. I do seem to see defensive rounds on the shelf in the larger sporting goods stores, but finding quantities for range practice takes some work.

The bottom line is I am really pleased with this firearm. It functioned flawlessly and I was immediately on target. If you see a P64 for sale and think it might be your cup of tea be sure to purchase one. Below is a YouTube review of the P64.