I’m sure every gun owner has a wish list somewhere out there. Often they will pine for a gun their father owned, or something new which is coming out. Me, I typically go for the firearms which speak to me on some level. So with that in mind here is what I have on my wishlist at the moment and why:

  • 1860 Henry Rifle -.44-40 – I’ve loved this rifle since I first noticed it in a movie called Silverado. For some reason it speaks to me. I’m not looking for an authentic, but I do want to take a gander at the one Henry Repeating Arms is releasing soon.
  • SAA – .44-40 – I’d like to get a companion pistol for a Henry and Uberti has a Cattleman, but it is difficult to locate in the caliber I would like. Pretty much any Single Action Army would suffice, but the Uberti is the most affordable.
  • H&R 676 with 12″ barrel – 22LR – I actually have a 676 with a shorter barrel, maybe a 7 1/2″, but one with a stupid long 12″ (or longer) barrel just makes me giggle.
  • Ruger Alaskan – .454 Casull – Anyone can get a Ruger Alaskan in .44 Magnum, it takes a real man to shoot it in .454 Casull. These things are about as rare as a Dodo bird egg right now, maybe one day I will come across one at a reasonable price.
  • Rossi Rio Grande – .410 Shotshell – I think for me it is just the thought of having a lever action shotgun. These were on sale at one time and I passed up the deal, but I probably won’t make that mistake again.
  • Star Model B – 9mm – Just because it is a 9mm which is very close to a 1911. These pop up quite often and are military surplus.
  • Coonan 1911 – .357 Magnum – Are you kidding me, what is not to love about a 1911 which is chambered for .357 Magnum!
  • Ruger Red Label – 12 gauge – They don’t make these anymore, but it is a handsome shotgun.
  • Ruger Gunsite Scout – .308 Win – I’m not quite sure why this one speaks to me, but it does.

I could probably think of more to add, but what’s on your wishlist?