I happened upon a story which indicated the North Carolina Highway Patrol is looking to replace nearly 2,000 Smith & Wesson M&P pistols for failure to eject issues on some guns. I’m not exactly sure why they went with .357SIG in the first place, but they could just swap out the barrel and have a .40 or change out the barrel and magazines and have a 9mm. I seriously contemplated getting a M&P, but shot one at a range and did not fall in love. I much prefer a Glock or my Ruger SR9C.

The Highway Patrol says they are still considering models. If it were me I’d just swap the M&P if S&W is willing to do the trade out. My guess as to the reason for the issue is lint in the extractor causing it to not extract properly. Before I swapped out 2,000 firearms I would have them cleaned professionally. It isn’t like it is rocket science to clean the firearm, but it may take some gunsmith skills to remove the extractor and clean out the area.

Anyway if they do decide on some other firearm for the force you may be able to pick up a used M&P in .357SIG for a song. šŸ˜‰