I’ve determined for almost anything firearms related someone has made a YouTube video about what you are after. At times it can be a bit of a pain to search out, but eventually you can find exactly what you are after. I happened upon a Radom P64 in fantastic condition locally and was excited because I’ve been wanting something which chambered the 9×18 Makarov cartridge. Unfortunately the original hammer spring made it almost impossible to pull the trigger double action. The weight of the spring best I can tell was 24lbs and it was a beast.

Wolff Gunsprings came to the rescue with a set of springs (18, 19, & 20lb) for $9 plus shipping. They did have a 17lb spring as well, but I opted for the pack. Now I needed to know how to replace the spring and you guessed, YouTube was my salvation. I found several videos online and after getting all the pieces and parts together swapped out the stock 24lb spring for an 18lb spring and now I can actually pull the trigger. Based on the difference between the 24lb and the 18lb I probably would have preferred the 17lb, but I don’t plan to shoot this beast that often so the 18lb spring should be great.

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have been to YouTube to find some obscure video about a firearm topic and almost always there is one there. Often you will need to take the methodology of several and combine to have the best plan of action, but just having a resource like that handy is mind-boggling. I’m sure 25 years ago I would have called all over the country to find the answer to replace the hammer spring and may not have been successful at finding the solution and would probably have sold the gun. Contrast that with today, an online search, nine dollars plus shipping, and some YouTube video training and now the firearm is ready to use.