Last night I found Rolle Bolle on draft at a watering hole I frequent and hate to admit I was more than a little excited. I had seen a post on a forum, but had not taken the time to read the reviews so I was flying blind. I assumed this was some monster sour barleywine Belgian fermented with spit from Poseidon using yeast found at the base of Mount Olympus brewed by headhunters located somewhere in New Guinea. To put it mildly I was wrong. It’s just a pale ale with some fruit. In fact if I had not read there was fruit in it I would have thought those flavors came from the hops. The bitterness is good and substantial, but the beer severely lacks depth. It certainly was refreshing and was a tab bit above watery, but it was on the edge of being boring, in fact I yawned several times while downing the pint.

Would I have another at some point in the future when I was thirsty, yes. Would I go out and purchase a six-pack and rave about how wonderful it is to others, no. If you see it on draft at a reasonable price give it a whirl to see if it might be your cup of tea, for me it is just not interesting.