One of the first things you do when you become a homebrewer is mount and hide bottle openers everywhere you can. I believe my deck has one on every post. Our garage steps have a bottle opener. There is one stashed under a sink, in the nightstand, and who knows where else. I happened to spot a snazzy looking fridge mounted magnetic opener this morning and it seemed like a great idea for that man cave or bar fridge, but I don’t think I want a hunk of metal taking up space on the front of my kitchen fridge. It’s really like the old bottle openers on bottle coolers where you snag the top edge of the cap and push the bottle down. Nowhere do I see anyone in the photo with a hand under the opener to catch the cap.

You can use most anything to open a bottle cap. Using furniture or a table is not creative and shows you really should drink Bud, Miller, or Coors since you are not innovative enough to figure out how to open a bottle cap without damage. You can fold up a piece of paper and pop the top, I’ve used the bottom of an ironing board in a hotel room, I’ve taken part of a door frame apart and used the latch plate to open that pesky bottle. Probably the best one I ever heard of was the trunk lid of a police car, certainly not recommended and do not try that at home. 😉