Recently it was brought to my attention that Magic Hat Brewing Company was suing a small start-up brewery in Kentucky named West Sixth Brewing Company for intentionally copying their logo. Actually not the Magic Hat logo, but the logo of #9 (can I even type that, or is it copyrighted?). They were seeking damages which included all profits. I’ve seen some who have said there are some similarities between the two logos, but I truthfully do not see it. Perhaps if I was three sheets into the wind and laying on my back with my head hanging down I might see it, but still I doubt it. One is a 6 and the other is a 9 and the fonts don’t line up at all, the colors are different and #9 (again can I type that without fear of lawsuit?) has that weird moth on the label, something I am sure we all want in our beer…bleech!

So West Sixth has started a petition of sorts to take to the parent company of Magic Hat. What’s that you say, parent company? Yepper, Magic Hat is no longer a Vermont weirdo brewery, they are now owned by North American Breweries out of New York which also owns the brands Dundee, Genesee, Genny Light, Honey Brown, Imperial, Labatt, Portland Brewing, and Pyramid. So here’s what I suggest we do. First go sign the West Sixth petition. Next you can post your displeasure on the Magic Hat Facebook Page. Then if you are so inclined you can let the CEO of North American Breweries Rich Lozyniak know how you feel about this frivolous lawsuit and that you will not be purchasing any additional NAB products until the suit is dropped and they apologize for their actions. If you cannot get any love from Rich, perhaps his sales team might take notice if you email the ones in your area.

I despise it when a large company tries to squash a little one using their resources. What they may forget is the power of the people. I may be one dude in one state, but it shouldn’t take long for the message to get out about what NAB is trying to do. Once their fan base starts to dwindle it will take years to get those customers back if they ever do.

I guess if they really want to make money off #9 they could try to sue The Beatles…