Some days I just don’t have a clue what I will post about and this morning was one of those days. That’s when I do a web search and scour around for something I find interesting. Well today I hit on something that is almost a brilliant idea.

Liberty Safe has announced the Safelert Monitoring System and I think it’s pretty cool. No matter what brand of safe you have the gadget will monitor door movement, safe movement, temperature changes, battery life, and humidity. That’s pretty cool when you think about it. Now what’s not cool is it requires monthly monitoring to the tune of $60 a year or $40 per year for a three-year contract. Yeah, I realize it is only pennies per day, but with a $200 price tag you would think the monitoring would be included for more than a month. Another downside is the unit requires a WiFi to operate, so if an enterprising crook cuts the power to the house then monitoring would stop. You would get an alert about the loss of WiFi, but not sure what good that would do.

Nevertheless it is a pretty cool idea and I like the direction this is heading.