I don’t quite know why I have passed over Buffalo Trace in the past. I guess I would go to the ABC store and browse and not see the beauty in an affordable Bourbon. This weeks I happened to be south of the border again and spotted BT at $20 a fifth and new a bottle would have to follow me home. Yesterday I removed the foil from the neck and poured my standard taster followed by a ginger mix and have to say at this price point this may become the new house standard. It was incredibly smooth and tasty and not at all what I expected to experience. I guess I though it would be harsh and rough like some of the other commercial brands. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be putting it mildly. It went well on the rocks, it went well in a mix, heck, it might even go well neat if that is your thing. So if you are looking to break into the world of decent Bourbon I’d have to suggest you give Buffalo Trace a whirl. At $20 a fifth you have very little to lose!