Actually it isn’t quite that bad, but this morning I put two and two together and figured out you are going to have a difficult time getting that new Ruger you were after. Let’s look at the facts. Earlier this year Ruger put out the instructor discount price list for ordering and in late February they quietly discontinued the program until at least June. Today on a forum I read a post where a shop had been told that by the fall inventory from Ruger would be scarce. Recently it was publicized Ruger has a backlog of more than two million firearms and cannot keep up with demand. I don’t know how many firearms Ruger made in 2012, but in August of 2012 they hit the one million mark, so back of the envelope calculations would put the number at roughly 1.5 million. So Ruger currently had over a year of backlog. It’s not a bad position to be in, but it is a bad position for those of us who are after a particular model.

Ruger does plan to open another plant to increase production, but they do not plan to do that in NH. Word on the street is Texas is pushing hard for the plant, but where it will land is anybody’s guess. Now if they would like to move to North Carolina we would love to have them, or at least I would. At any rate, with such a huge backlog the particular model you seem may be a long time coming. Last year I had a similar experience with S&W. I ordered a firearm and when it did not come in a timely fashion contacted them and was told it may be as long as 10 more months before it arrived. Luckily that was not the case, but it did take almost 6 months in total to get the firearm.

I would certainly not be surprised if Ruger once again stopped taking orders for a while. Last year on March 21 they announced they would stop taking orders and on May 29 they announced orders could resume. My guess is orders flew in at an astounding rate. I suspect if they try to restrict orders again it may be prolonged to allow them to really take a bite out of their backlog. If there is some Ruger item you must have and you see it, you may want to get it since it could be awhile before you see it again. I’m confident you will see it again, the question is when?