I missed the April edition of Stone Enjoy By [DATE] IPA so I was a little giddy to find a bottle of the May edition. Last night I cracked the top and poured the beer and immediately began to wonder why I needed to slug this so soon. I’m sure Stone wants everyone to have the experience of a fresh double IPA, but to me this beasty boy needed a little time to mellow. The hops were assertive and tasty with a citrusy character and a bit of cattyness. The malt tried to keep up the pace, but was soundly defeated by the hop charge. I’d actually like to see this one again around July to compare the hop level weeks after bottling to months after bottling.

Now my understanding is if you want your area to have the next release you must fight for it so go to the Stone website and enter a like through Facebook or tweet about it (note: I have no idea how to tweet) and that is how you can be sure you are in line for the next release. There is also an email method. Click “Vote Now” and then select option 2 “Vote with your email address” and you can select for the email to only be used for voting purposes. So help bring this back to NC in the future by voting.