As always I was tooling around with some time to kill and stopped into an ABC store to window shop. I remembered several Bourbons were on sale this month in NC and decided to check out the prices. While looking at the shelves I remembered I was only a few miles from South Carolina and liquor stores are not run by the county/state there. So into the car and down the road to see what the pricing was south of the border. In most cases the sale price in NC was still slightly elevated above the normal price in SC. That is slightly disturbing, but not really surprising. At any rate instead of coming home empty-handed I snagged a bottle of Blanton’s. Well, not just any bottle, a bottle from the batch dumped on 1/29/13, Barrel 60, stored in warehouse H, rack 14! I went to mix with a little ginger for my litmus test and as always tasted before the mix and decided I won’t ever be mixing this one again. This Bourbon is amazing. There are many which I enjoy and I know many would not mix, but to mix this one is really a crime. It is so tasty and smooth I won’t be doing that again to this magic elixir. The was the Original Single Barrel and just like the website says, “Best served neat or on the rocks.” If you have been itching to try a premium Bourbon this would be the one to try. I don’t think you’ll look back.

PS: If you like Woodford Reserve, which I personally detest, you will find this too smooth and refined for your palate. 😉