As much as I hate inaccurate reporting, I also despise inaccurate investigative work. I watched the Reuters feed in December as the events unfolded in Connecticut and thought to myself on that day what a professional job the police are doing. As it turns out I’m not so sure anymore.

This week the search warrants related to the event were released. Now I’m not a conspiracy theory kinda guy, but when one plus one does not equal two I start to wonder what is going on. I was glancing through the warrant for the car and noticed something interesting. #4 on p15 says, “A shotgun was noted in plain view in the interior of the vehicle.” What I find interesting is none of the other four warrants have that verbiage. To make it even more disturbing, I remember this news footage of the gun being retrieved from the trunk.

So you tell me what to believe. Was the gun in plain sight which was not mentioned in four of the five warrants or was it in the trunk? The time on the warrant was 8:36 pm and by that time it was dark. NBC has live footage of the trunk and a gun as well.

In this case it really won’t make a difference where the gun was actually located, but in some cases it could. I just find it to be bothersome a warrant could be issued indicating a shotgun was in plain sight when in reality it was retrieved from the trunk of the car on live television.