Yesterday I finally found myself in the right place at the right time and secured a bottle of Ommegang Iron Throne. I will be waiting until I have time to watch the premier Game Of Thrones episode of the season to take off the wire bail, remove the cork, and taste this beverage. As I was in the store where I found it, the clerk received a call and went to get a bottle to save for the caller. Bottle shops have limited sales because it has been such a popular release. Thus far it has little to do with the beer inside, and everything to do with the beginning of the season for Game Of Thrones. If the beer stands up to the usual Ommegang standards it will be quite tasty!

If you haven’t grabbed a bottle yet for Sunday’s premier, keep looking, they are out there, but many have already been snagged.  This is a series of beers so I’ll bet there are many more goodies to come!