It looks like time will run out on the WRAL database on December 1 unless something odd happens in the meantime. House Bill 17 passed the NC House and now is being sent to the NC Senate. It requires records of CHP and PPP to not be released to anyone other than law enforcement, and declares the records confidential. I’m sure WRAL will cry foul and posture they put up their database before the law was enacted using data obtained before this bill became law. There will be some lame First Amendment argument and negative news stories about how this bill impacts the freedom of information and the freedom of speech. In the end they won’t take down their database until someone takes them to court. That will be a long, drawn out battle with Jim Goodmon reaching deep into his pockets to be sure his agenda is moved forward.

Of course I don’t have a crystal ball to tell if my prediction will be true and WRAL will continue to act like a bunch of douchebags or if they will do the right thing after the legislation passes and take down their antiquated database.