I’ve been hearing a news story lately about a couple involved in a road rage incident who are caught on a cell phone camera beating on the driver of the other car for his actions. Then the driver and a passenger get out of the vehicle and commence to open a can of whoop arse on the instigator. Actually the person who started the altercation opened the can of whoop arse the problem was they just spilled it all over their self. After the instigator took a beatdown from the two younger men his wife produced a handgun and gave it to him. There is a video on the web which shows him brandishing the firearm and then lowering toward the ground as he heads back to his vehicle. Some news reports say shots were fired. If so they must have happened after the video ends.

Let’s discuss what went wrong here, and it is more than one thing. First off the instigator should have never gotten involved in the road rage incident. I’m not sure why people feel like they are Richard Petty when they get behind the wheel, but you actually have a two ton death machine when you are whizzing down the highway in an SUV and to drive erratically can kill you. Let’s assume he was cut off, the guy slammed on brakes, turned in front of him, ran him into a ditch, whatever, that is no reason to escalate the incident. I know it is tempting at times, but let it go with a horn blast and a sit and spin salute. Neither of those hurts anyone and might get the adrenaline back under control. So no road rage to start with and this could have been avoided.

The second problem was the instigator got out of his vehicle and struck the driver. He no longer has the right to deadly force no matter what happens per NC law. You strike someone, they shoot or knife you and they will walk. Get the picture. Never instigate any altercation, it will not end well. Now I am not saying you should not defend yourself, but if you instigate through verbal or physical means you have restricted your right to self-defense.

The third problem was with the wife producing a firearm. She had no right to defend her husband because he was the instigator and because he had no right to use deadly force. Force must be equal, now he did get a bloody lip and a shiner one of those 72 ounce steaks you must eat in an hour in order to be free would not stop the swelling on, but his life was not in danger, only his pride at being beaten in a fight he started. So the wife should have simply dialed 911.

Finally bruiser put the firearm in his hand and held it in a threatening manner. If he shot it that is yet another lapse in judgement. Just because you have a firearm does not mean you can brandish it and it certainly does not allow you to discharge the firearm. Luckily no one was hurt other than bruiser and he has now been charged with a laundry list of charges which will ultimately ruin his life, all because he couldn’t control his temper.

So no road rage! Got it? Good!