I never knew we had flying squirrels until I popped one eating from my bird feeder with a BB from the Daisy Red Ryder. For $30 Amazon delivered the BB gun and the BB’s to my door and a few minutes later I was in business. I setup a box as a target and worked on the sights for a few minutes until I had them dialed in. My distance for getting the little rodents off the bird feeder is only 10 to 20′ so I wanted to be sure I was not shooting too low or high. Too low would potentially damage something on the deck, too high might travel elsewhere in the yard. My goal with this is to train them there are consequences for eating from the bird feeder.

The first squirrel took it in the rear and the BB bounced off landing on the deck. That one ran like the wind and I never saw exactly where he went. The second arrived the next day and truthfully could have been the same one, but we have many in the yard so I’m assuming it is a different beast. He was off the feeder and hitting the top rail as I approached and he took the BB in the side causing him to jump upward and outward and it was then I realized we have flying squirrels. Once he hit the ground he ran to hide faster than I’ve ever seen a squirrel move.

I do have a confession. One of the first times I tried to get the BB gun rolling I got the door open, aimed and squeezed the trigger and nothing happened. I had left the safety on. I don’t remember BB guns having a safety when I was a lad. Perhaps they did, but I doubt I ever used it. Anyway, I’m digging the Red Ryder. At times like this when ammunition is out the roof or made of unobtanium, BBs are never in short supply and there always seems to be an abundance of squirrels wanting to try their luck. Do you feel lucky punk? 😉