So I’m checking out the liquor specials and come across one at a decent price I have not heard of before. Lexington Bourbon Whiskey sounded like something from the days of old and seemed to originate from the heart of Bourbon country so I grabbed a bottle. Upon opening a strong estery presence of ripe bananas was notable and I started to question my decision to purchase a bourbon without doing some research first or at least asking a friend who is into Bourbon. The flavor lacked complexity and seemed young and overly fruity. I went online to see what others thought and most agreed it was young and lacked depth. I then thought let’s see who made this and that is where the trail goes a bit cold. This Bourbon was introduced in 2012 and some online sources indicated the distillery was not yet functional when the Bourbon came out. So evidently they are purchasing the Bourbon from other sources and mixing or bottling to create their brand. This one is fine for mixing into a fruity cocktail where the monkey character could be masked, but just doesn’t cut the mustard even at a $26 price point. I’d suggest you take a pass on this one, spend that money on a known quantity. From now on I’m going to do some research before I buy a fifth of an unknown brand. I don’t drink Bourbon everyday, but when I do, I want it to be good Bourbon!