As I was in the ABC store I was sure to check out the specials and happened to see Jefferson’s Bourbon was on sale so I grabbed a bottle. I decided to mix a bourbon and ginger since I had some Fevertree Ginger Ale and had been trying it with Knob Creek and Booker’s so the Jefferson’s should be a good contrast. As I poured it I noticed it was very light, sort of missing the dark caramel color most Bourbon has from the barrel aging. I just kept thinking is this Bourbon Lite. The flavor was also lacking depth and character, sort of training wheels Bourbon for those who aren’t quite ready to take on the real thing. In the glass with the ginger there wasn’t really enough color to let you know it was there and the flavor only provided hints of Bourbon. I cannot say you should pass this one up, but I wouldn’t tell you to seek it out either. Not a bad tasting Bourbon, but not one with much going on. A friend said the one I should have found was the Jefferson’s Presidential Select, but it’s a little late for that information now. Anyway, it will be a good mixing Bourbon when all I want is a little bourbon character.