My first experience with a Henry Rifle was the 1985 movie Silverado and it was the rifle Mal (Danny Glover) carried and used. The gun was created in 1860 and production ended in 1866. Of course Henry Repeating Arms is in business today, but they do not make the original Henry rifles of the 1860’s. There is something about the brass receiver that just captured my eye and for years I have been on the lookout one to call my own. Uberti makes reproduction Henry’s which are known for their high quality and finding one has become rarer over time despite the fact they are still in production.

Last year I posted some differences between the .44-40 and the .45 Long Colt cartridges and have been seeking a Henry chambered in .44-40 for quite some time. Well recently one came available which was new in the box, but had passed through several owners. Needless to say it now has a new owner. It is an 1866 Yellowboy Henry with a 24 1/4″ octagonal barrel and she is beautiful. Now the challenge is to find the .44-40 ammunition. It is not widely available to start with and with the recent buying frenzy people have cleared the shelves so it may prove to be a difficult cartridge to secure. I’m hoping it takes less time to find the ammo than it did to locate the rifle. 😉