It doesn’t happen often, but on occasion firearms and ammunition will have a safety recall. Most manufacturers will place notice of the recall on their website. If you recently purchased the item and it was not manufactured in the last year, it may be a good idea to check the manufacturer’s website to be sure if the product may be subject to recall. If you do not find anything on the website then perform a google search with the name of the product and the word recall to see if you find any information. Most major manufacturers have very few recalls.

Now you may have a singular incident with a firearm. One a forum recently someone purchased a firearm and the feedramp was out of alignment with the barrel. They will need to contact the manufacturer for warranty service. Another friend had a magazine which had no thumb rest. They contacted the manufacturer and a new magazine was shipped. So if you are having a problem it may be a warranty issue and it is best to contact the manufacturer to rectify the situation.