Back in June 2012 I posted about the S&W Instructor Discount. Finally in November I submitted my order for two firearms. One arrived in December and the FFL I chose to use for transfer let me down and took nearly a week to log in the firearm and call me to come pick it up. I decided to call S&W in January to check on the other firearm and see if I could dump the FFL with the horrible service and was not able to navigate the menus to find the correct person so finally I left a message. This week I once again decided to find the wayward arm and dump the FFL.

I must say, there are some extremely helpful customer service representatives at S&W and they put me in touch with the correct party. It turns out the firearm I ordered will not be available for 8 to 10 months. Let’s put that in perspective, if you add in the time I have already waited it will be over a year before the firearm is produced. I know sales are at a record high for all firearm manufacturers and semi-automatics are all the rage, but can’t someone crank out a wheel gun so my order can be completed? Anyone? Bueller?