Now when did that happen? Was I sleeping? I don’t know if it is happening everywhere, but in North Carolina beer, especially craft beer, is cool. I remember back in the day you were a beer geek, or a beer snob if you were going for the craft beer, now it seems everyone is trying to play with the cool kids. I was at one of my favorite breweries last night and it was a varied crowd and for a Tuesday it was rather packed. I’m just not accustomed to seeing 30-40 people in a brewery tap-room on a non-release random night knocking back a few pints. There was a game on the TV and most were not even watching so that was not the draw, the draw was the beer and a place to have it.

So the next time you go somewhere and order a craft beer keep in mind you have magically become one of the cool kids. So flip up that collar, rip those jeans, polish (or maybe scuff) those shoes, or wear the red London Fog jacket all while knowing beer is cool!