As I was tooling around in a local bottle shop I spied a can of Saison, yes, you read that right, a Saison in a can. I was shocked to say the least. The brewery is 21st Amendment and the beer is Sneak Attack. The can lists 6.2% ABV with 38 IBU and they call it a “Farmhouse Saison brewed with organic cardamom pods.” So I open the can and pour into a favorite glass and get a face full of not much. Now to be fair there was some light spice in the aroma and flavor, but it soon became obvious this was a Saison lacking in complexity. There was nothing wrong with the beer and it certainly get’s the nod as the best Saison in a can ever, but if you are going to call something a particular style, you need to at least brew the style. The spice on this was less than I put in my homebrewed Grisette and those generally ring in at only a smidge more than 4%. Now it was tasty, but never exciting. It would go with almost any meal or event, but I’d like to see more flavor and certainly more complexity. I think the problem I’m having is it just didn’t meet style. They could have called it a light farmhouse ale and I would have believed every word, but presenting this as a Saison just demonstrates a lack of understanding of the style.