I’ve finally come to the realization I just don’t particularly care for Woodford Reserve. In March I posted about a particularly unpleasant experience on a flight and later that month I posted again about Woodford. In April I posted about my attempts to make an Old Fashioned out of Woodford. To me the Bourbon is harsh, acidic and alcoholic. It just isn’t smooth and pleasant. It’s not one where you take a sip and in you best Barry White voice say SMOOOOTH. It’s more you take a sip and say “cough cough cough smooth cough cough cough.” In a pinch I would certainly not turn it down, but it just isn’t the Bourbon for me, so you can keep the Reserve.

Note: I did check several sites and my unscientific website study indicates most people prefer Woodford Reserve over Knob Creek. Just goes to show most people don’t have a clue. šŸ˜‰