The national homebrewers conference registration for Philadelphia begins today at 1pm MST and I wonder if the server will be able to handle the load. I suspect there will be 3K or more people trying to log-in for 1500-2000 slots. I’m hopeful I will be able to get registered since I have already booked my hotel room, but only time will tell.

I miss the days of old with the conference. The hotel was announced months ahead of time and the conference registration went live in November which provided plenty of time to decide if you were going. It seems as if last year some decision was made to wait until February. By this time everyone knows if they can go or not and it is much more difficult to get registered. Last year by the time I decided if I could go, I couldn’t, the conference was sold out and had a waiting list.

Anyway, wish me luck, I’ll be clicking like a madman late this afternoon to try to secure a spot.