Last night the Superbowl was filled with ads. In fact the whole thing was sponsored by some new Budweiser thingy called Black Crown. The ad featured a bunch of people in a club clad in black clothing and looking like they were going out later to a vampire fest. I know you cannot drink during a commercial, but what about that makes a craft beer drinker even want to try the beer. Heck, I’ll bet even the Bud Light drinkers are not going to spend the coin to be crowned.

So I thought it might be good to issue a challenge the good folks at Bud Miller Coors will never hear about or see, but a challenge nonetheless. What I would like for them to do is first make a list of all the beers outside of their core brands which have failed. They should also do the same for their competitors, even those in different market segments. We all remember Bartles & James, but when was the last time anyone actually bought a wine cooler? Somebody buys that Mike’s Hard Lemonade crap, but before it was Zima. Most of these concoctions which come to mind are not beer, but there have been plenty of beers and other products which Bud has produced or backed which are now long gone. I wonder why they don’t learn from their mistakes. Trendy only sells for a short period of time. They should repeat that a few times until it sinks in real good.

So the challenge. Brew a craft beer. What, that’s it? Just brew a craft beer? Yep, the caveat being do not dummy down the beer so the Bud drinkers will drink it and ohh and ahh for about a nanosecond, brew a full on craft beer that everyone in the craft beer community can appreciate. Now I can see people saying that anything from BMC cannot be craft and I respectfully disagree. A well crafted beer is a well crafted beer regardless of who made it. So there it is, I’m not looking for a tastebud numbing West Coast IPA or an Oyster Stout made from some exotic oyster shell, just take the four basic ingredients and run with it. I’m pretty sure BMC can figure out how to take water, malt, hops and yeast and turn out something wonderful that we could all get behind. No need to hide behind pseudo craft monikers like Shock Top or Bare Knuckle, just brew it craft and price it reasonably and they will come.

I’ll be waiting.