Last night I decided to give the last in the Stone Vertical Epic series a whirl. This beer was number 11 in the series and was called 12.12.12. For those unfamiliar with the series you must have been living under a rock. The idea was to release a beer each year with the same two digit month, year and date and they began in 2002. The other idea was to age them all and do a vertical tasting once all had been released. The problem with that idea is some of the releases were, shall we say, delicate. They really were not going to stand the test of time. Every release was interesting, but more often than not the beer was not really my cup of tea.

12.12.12 to me was a Belgian-style dark strong with chocolate and the spices reminded me of gingerbread. It was not too dry and was tasty, but not tasty enough for me to want to buy a bunch to keep and cherish. More like, that was good, what’s the next beer? I checked the Stone website and the beer rings in at 9%ABV and has cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, clove, orange peel and rosehips. I noticed it does not have any ginger in the spice list, but the combination they chose just said ginger to me. I will say it would stand up to most hearty foods. Give it a whirl if you see it, they are never priced out of reach and who knows, chocolate gingerbread by way of Belgium might just be your juice!