Last night I was a little tired from driving and spied an Outback across the parking lot. Now Outback does pretty good food for a chain, but then the thought popped into my head the beer list is pretty weak. They do have a good margarita, but I really wanted a good beer. After a minute of standing with the car door opened I finally got in and headed to a brewpub to have their IPA. It was the right decision, but the thought then popped into my head all the things I have done to get a craft beer. I could probably make a series of them, but the list is long and varied.

Once, way back in the day, I drove into Virginia in search of barleywine since it would have been illegal at the time in NC. Little did I know at the time the style was usually seasonal and getting it required finding a specialty beer store. Nonetheless I popped my head into every store near the border. Later that year I was in Reno and couldn’t find it there either. Of course nowadays the stores are brimming with barleywine year round.

I can recall driving from Buffalo to Honeyoe Falls to get beer from a brewery I liked. Nevermind it was over an hour drive just to make the trek from my hotel to the brewery. Often I will make my hotel reservations with the thought in mind of which restaurant is close by which will have a good craft beer selection. I’ll plan my route so it will pass a great beer store or a watering hole with craft beer.

So ask yourself, what would you do for a craft beer?