Way back in August I posted about a Ruger 22/45 Target I picked up for a song. I needed to replace the sear spring which was bent and so I decided to modify a few other things. The spring was a $2 part from Ruger, but I picked up a bushing to replace the magazine disconnector, magazine disconnector spring and old hammer bushing. This mod allows the magazine to fall free. It really is simple, I got a BAM’s Hammer Bushing for $15 and it was a cinch to install. Now anything with the 22/45 takes about eight hands to accomplish, but if you pay attention during the disassembly the reassembly process will be a piece of cake. I took a nail to push the sear spring off the hammer pin, pushed the pin out enough to lift out the hammer assembly and then put in the new bushing and reinstalled the hammer assembly.

If you were careful and kept the sear in the proper orientation with the safety by not completely removing the hammer pin the swap should only take a minute. When you get ready to put the firearm back together pay attention to the hammer position. Keep it back and the gun pointed down until you are ready to install the mainspring. Pull the trigger so the hammer will go forward. Hold the barrel down until you get the mainspring through the side and barrel, then turn with the muzzle up and push the mainspring into place in the frame.

For the second mod all you need is the magazine. The gun with the bull barrel seems a little heavy from an appearance standpoint so I installed a 22/45 Mag Bumper on each magazine. They are a cinch to install, but if you slip the spring is going to shoot across the room so be careful. They have a YouTube video of the installation. On the left you can see the standard magazine and on the right with the mag bumper.

In the photo below you can see two pistols with the updated mag bumper on the magazine.

Two simple modifications, one which allows the magazine to drop free and another which adds character to the firearm and makes it easier to grip the magazine.