Way back in April I posted about Beer Superlative Programs and had just a minor note about one of my pet peeves with these programs. Beers not being entered into your list after you purchased and enjoyed them. It feels as if you are starting over. Last night at the restaurant I took a quick look at the beer list as they were retrieving my personal consumption list and noted a few I had on my last visit. When I looked at my list those beers were MIA. So I grabbed a piece of paper and jotted down what I remembered and spoke with my waitress. Later I remembered I noted it on Facebook so I went there and sure enough, missing three off the list. It’s not that I mind drinking beer, I just don’t want to drink it twice to satisfy a superlative program.

The waitress was very helpful and suggested I find the previous receipt, email a bunch of information to corporate and they would credit the beers. Seems like a royal PITA to me, but I did exactly as she suggested with the exception I added in a screen shot of my Facebook entries which detail the beers. We’ll see what reply I get. I assume an apology and a “we have corrected your account” note.  I’d prefer a “we won’t let it happen again and have implemented a system where your selections are provided to you at the end of the night.” Now that’s a plan which would provide immediate satisfaction to me. In truth I have not found this particular program to miss the mark other than this single time and when my card strip died and I had to ask for a new card. Of course I’m only 85 beers into a 1000 beer program so I suspect anything can happen over my next 305 visits to the establishment before I am king daddy.

Bottom line, if the establishment is going to have a superlative program, they need to do an impeccable job of managing the program to keep curmudgeons like me happy and involved.