It was only a matter of time until it happened. According to NY State Senator Greg Ball thieves targeted a residence on the Journal News interactive map of gun owners and only went for the guns. What is sad is that truly appears to be the case. There are numerous other news sources reporting the same story.

Now closer to home WRAL has refused to acknowledge their database of streets for those with what they incorrectly and ignorantly call “concealed weapon carry permits” has the potential to do harm. Actually, it’s not just ignorance, but stupidity to not at least get the name correct for the database.

I know for certain Mark Binker of WRAL read my July 13 blog entry, he posted it on his Facebook page for his friends. That day I stated, “Effectively what these two individuals have done is provided a hit list…” The next day, July 14, I posted, “My opinion is if it in any way may endanger the life of another it should not be revealed.” On July 15 my words were, “The story was reported by Mr. Mark Binker and he has refused to remove the list despite the potential for crimes to be instigated against those with and those without a CHP.” My thoughts on July 22 were, “It is an invasion of privacy and an attempt to create hostility in the neighborhoods where law-abiding citizens reside. Further it is a google search for criminals to find homes where firearms may be available and areas where they are less likely to find armed resistance to crimes. It’s plain and simple a bad idea.” On December 26 a previous employer of Mr. Binker realized the danger lists such as the one WRAL published might be and I posted about that on January 9, 2013, saying “I’m glad someone finally understands. Providing lists and maps only vilifies honest law-abiding citizens.”

So it seems the map by Journal News in NY aided in the commission of a crime and it won’t be long until something similar happens using the WRAL database if it hasn’t happened already. I know if my home is burglarized and I find any reason to believe it was due to that database the lawsuit will name the world, or at least the key players at WRAL. I’ll probably have quite a list, Mark Binker did the story, Kelly Hichcliffe the data, James Goodman is CEO, Jim Rothschild is station manager. That certainly would be a good place to start. Maybe I can get Goodman’s place at the beach as part of the settlement.