Last night I was on the road in order to proctor a BJCP exam this morning and decided to try out some new places I had never frequented. The first was a beer store which had just increased their beers on tap from four to twelve. Since I wanted to be able to sample more I took a cue from my wife and asked for a Laura Ingalls, that’s right, a half-pint! 

There are several benefits to a smaller size. One of the first is if you dislike the beer you have much less to choke down or discard. The second is the cost is typically half to 60% that of the full pint so the bill at the end of the night is less. The one I am really after is the ability to taste more beers and not have as much alcohol in your system. Turns out that was a smart move since my last beer was deceptively alcoholic and over 9% ABV.

So the next time you belly up to a bar ask if they have a Laura Ingalls, if they say no then quit being a smartass and ask if they have a half-pint. 😉