I’ve posted several times on how to find ammo deals and right now it’s tough to find any ammo, much less a deal. However a note by someone on a forum caught my eye. While everyone else has been raising their prices for ammo, WalMart has not, they have kept their prices the same as they were back in the late fall. Now WalMart has changed a couple of policies and you may run into them depending upon which store you visit. The first is a manager or assistant manager must open the ammunition case for you. The managers are not really keen on this and some stores may not be adhering to this policy. If you shop at Wallyworld, be sure to allow a little extra time for a manager to come assist you. The second policy is many stores are only allowing three boxes of ammunition per day. Now that can be three 1600 round cases of mini-mags or three 20 round boxes of 30-30, so choose your purchases wisely. If all you need is 30-30, it will never run out. If however you are after .223, you will have a difficult time finding it until the shelves are restocked.

Which brings us to how to find ammunition at WalMart. It is actually super simple, but can take a bit of time and requires searching their website. The way they are setup if something is in stock it shows on their website and if it is sold it shows as out of stock. Now something may show in stock or limited stock and it may actually have just sold, but for the most part I have found the information to be almost up to date, certainly within a few hours. So here are the steps to finding ammunition on their website:

  • Go to Walmart.com
  • In the Search bar at the top type in the caliber you are after without a leading decimal. (eg. 22, 223, 5.56, 45, 9) You can also change the department to Sports & Outdoors. It may require a little searching to get the result you are after.
  • The results of the search will be for what the site believes is your local store. You will see if the item is In Stock, Limited Stock or Out Of Stock. If Out Of Stock select Find In Another Store. If Limited Stock it may or may not be there.
  • This will bring up a box listing of stores within 50 miles and you can then change your local store, or keep the local store and just select another zip code for the search criteria.
  • Once you find a store you want to be notified about, select Email Me and it will send you an email when they item is back in stock again.

If you are familiar with the shelves at your local store you can easily go though an ammunition shopping list and set up email notifications on your list. I tried it and found one store had the item in stock just as the website indicated. At another store the item I was after had been sold and was Out Of Stock. If you have several stores in your area, just make a list of who has what and then stop in and see. It’s not a perfect system, but while everyone else is paying an arm and a leg for ammunition, you can sit back and wait for an email and then rush over and get the ammunition you want or need.