Seems like the non-stop 24 hour media onslaught is bringing those who cannot find anything else to blame for the tragedy in Connecticut out of the woodwork and their focus is set squarely on the firearms. I’ve seen anything from that Bushmaster, from someone who obviously had no idea Bushmaster was a brand, to ban all guns. I even saw one reporter on the Reuters feed a few hours after the incident say “It’s not people who kill people, it’s guns that kill people.”

Let’s test her theory. First take any firearm, load it, and place it on a table in the center of an empty room aimed in the direction of a group of people seated in chairs. Now let’s wait, no one move, and see when that firearm spontaneously discharges and kills someone in the gallery. I’ll save the Mythbusters experiment and go ahead and tell you the outcome, it just won’t happen. So we have accurately now established the gun, in and of itself, cannot kill anything. It takes a human to function.

One person was adamant the Bushmaster was inherently more dangerous than any other type of firearm. Assuming he will never understand or care to understand Bushmaster is a brand, the AR-15 platform is not inherently more dangerous or deadly. The fact is data shows centerfire rifles and shotguns to be deadly 80-85% of the time. It doesn’t really matter what caliber, brand, make or model. If you are hit by a rifle or shotgun the odds are not in your favor you will live. So should we get rid of a firearm because it can do such damage? Some will surely argue yes, but they will pick on the so called assault rifles. I covered this in April and just because something is black and has a telescoping stock does not make it an assault rifle.

How about handguns, the Connecticut madman had multiple handguns, shouldn’t those be eliminated? Again, some would argue yes, take them all away. Others will say to put a capacity limit on magazines. Still others will say only the Glock, because it is the bad one. Glock is one of the more popular brands on the market for semi-automatic handguns and the reason is because despite being as ugly as the one-eyed stepchild, they are fun to shoot and work as they should almost every single time. I do think they tend to scare people because they are not available with wood and metal finishes. There are plenty of people who dress them up because they think they are ugly, but ugly doesn’t mean they should be ostracized. Look back to the second paragraph and explain how a Glock will go off by itself.

What we really need to look at is how to identify individuals who are on the edge of committing these awful tragedies and how to deal with them. Unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball and our current system only allows us to do something after the fact. The police cannot do anything to someone just because they are acting peculiar. I’m not sure who we could report them to at this point unless they were communicating threats.

There have been people forever killing others, including children, what we have not had forever is a 24/7 news cycle to not allow a reprieve from the event. I don’t think any good has come from the reporting especially since it was mostly inaccurate, premature and only served to add fuel to the fire.

I know friends who have posted about taking firearms on social media. How exactly is that going to happen? Do you mean every firearm? Voluntary? I can see the criminals lining up as we speak to hand them over. We all know that will not happen. I’ve tried to avoid being swept up in these conversations so soon after the tragedy. I’ll bet if questioned they would say, no, not your guns, you’re fine. Ok, so whose guns? Do they want a litmus test for removal? No, he’s had training or he’s an instructor he’s fine. No, he’s been fingerprinted and had a mental health background check for his CHP, he’s fine. So since we’ve established I am not a threat to the population, nor to myself, I get to keep my firearms?

I don’t see the government coming and taking away firearms. I don’t even see a registration system implemented since it really won’t do any good. I have an older rifle which has no serial number. How can you hope to ever track it?

Anyway, I’ve rambled far too long for  today. I can understand people need something to blame to make sense of a senseless act. The problem is by definition you simply cannot make sense of something senseless.