At the local store I happened to spot three different Crispin Ciders and bought them so we could give them a whirl. We had just been on a trip where I found an excellent cider and had tried another at home so it seemed like a good idea.  The three I bought were Honey Crisp, The Saint, and Lansdowne. I don’t know if I should even waste the time talking about Honey Crisp and Lansdowne, they both sucked. It’s not even easy to find words to describe how awful these two ciders turned out to be. They were not infected as far as I could tell, but they tried to craft something and failed miserably. I cannot think of anyone who could actually choke down a bottle of Lansdowne. It was like a mix of cider and treacle and not in a good way. Honey Crisp didn’t have enough character to come off as mildly pleasant. It was very dry, yeasty and just not well executed.

The one which was tasty enough to drink, really doesn’t deserve more than a sentence or two. The Saint used Belgian yeast and maple syrup and was enjoyable enough I didn’t have to immediately pour it out. In a nutshell Crispin blew it on these ciders and from now on I’ll be slightly scared to give anything else they make a fair shake because of how awful two of the three ciders were. If there was a way, I would ask for my money back and an apology from the company for putting out atrocious beverages. Do yourself a favor and pass on these unless you want to see how truly bad a cider can be without being infected and then I would suggest Lansdowne is for you!