I noticed on the BJCP site the organization is looking for volunteers. If you can help out, please volunteer. Here are the current needs:

Help Wanted

Interested in volunteering to help with BJCP projects? We could use help in the following areas:

  • Cider Exam Committee — Subject matter experts needed to devise the exam format and questions for a Cider Judge Exam, similar to the existing Mead Judge Exam, and to prepare a study guide. Cider-making and judging experience required. Contact Dave Houseman if interested.
  • Web Software Administrator — Technical experts needed install, configure, and maintain web software applications for the BJCP web site, including migrating and rehosting of data. Administration of content not required; this is a technical job. Specific expertise in MediaWiki, phpBB, mySQL and PHP required. Contact Gordon Strong if interested.
  • BJCP Exam Graders — National- or higher-ranking judges are needed to help grade the increased volume of BJCP exams. Experienced lead graders are encouraged to volunteer. Contact the Exam Directors if interested.