Lately the trend seems to be when trying to sell something to price it at an absurd price and then let people make offers until an appropriate selling price is established. I guess on occasion some rube will take the bait and not ask for the discount. Now I am talking about private sales, but one particular classified really struck me wrong today. The person had a box of pistol cartridges, presumably 50, for $65. Now to me that says $1.30 per round. These were SJHP (semi-jacketed hollow point) and were defensive rounds with a heavy bullet weight for the caliber. It is somewhat rare to see them for sale, you can purchase the bullets for reloading. However when they are for sale they typically are only $40-45 a box or 90 cents per round. Now I don’t fault the guy from trying to make a buck, but you cannot expect to sell something for more than it goes for in the store unless it is rare or antique or has a particular provenance.

Anyway, my suggestion if you are selling something in a gun board classified would be to decide upon a selling price you would accept and to set your price slightly higher. But $20 on a box of bullets is ridiculous. I would think $25-50 per $300 of item value might be appropriate so long as the selling price did not exceed the new retail price. Let’s say I had a blued Bersa Thunder 380 which I had fired a box of cartridges through and then decided to sell. The gun retails for $275-300 and since it has been shot it will be less since most firearms do not increase in value. I’d probably set the price at $275 figuring to end up at $235-250. Actually I’d probably do $265 figuring most people see $275 as almost $300 and $265 as nearly $250.

So when you get ready to sell something, do a quick google search and price it fairly if you expect it to sell!