So how did you make out on Black Friday? Ready to pull the trigger on anything for Cyber Monday?

In truth I didn’t find much to go crazy over. There were two fantastic deals at one sporting goods store, but both were actually available the week before Thanksgiving. I had my eye on two items at a sporting goods store, but the issue was the closest location was an hour away and they did not have an online store for those items. One was worth the drive to get, the other the savings was $20 so I decided to pass. Oddly enough I located a coupon good until next year which is only $5 more than their doorbuster price on one item. I do have my eye on a Cyber Monday special for ammo and I’m hopeful I can snag it.

We’ve kept a keen eye to Amazon over the holiday and on Thanksgiving a Zombie Ammo Can went on sale for $4.99 each. The sale lasted less than a half hour and they only allowed you to purchase one so I got my wife to purchase a second using her account. Amazon prices fluctuate for some reason so the best thing to do with an items you are after is to put it into the Wish List and keep an eye on it. Once the price is where you want it, purchase it immediately. Keep in mind some items really do not change much, but others can swing wildly. That ammo can is typically $15 or more, but all of a sudden the price dropped to peanuts.

Here’s hoping you got the sale you were after or that you run into a great deal online. There’s nothing like sitting in your nice warm house saving money and having things shipped to you!