It seems like the past few years the AHA has been getting more and more secretive about the National Homebrewers Conference. About all they have divulged for 2013 is the dates, June 27 – 29, and the city, Philadelphia. At one time the conference location and hotel was announced, or at least known, by the end of Autumn. Now they are saying it will all be announced in February. I don’t get the reason for all the secrecy. It seems they have forgotten people have to make arrangements for travel and no one wants to get locked into an airfare unless they have a hotel room and conference ticket all wrapped up with a bow. Also announcing earlier allows people to spread the cost out of the conference. At one time we would pay for the registration in November, the airfare in January or February and then the hotel at the end of the stay in June. It’s much easier to eat an elephant one bite at a time than to try to choke down the whole pachyderm.

So if anyone with the AHA is listening. Go ahead and make the freaking announcement of the conference location and hotel so plans can be made.