We’ve been wrestling with this a bit lately in offering classes as to how young is too young to teach Basic Pistol. I’ve actually go no problem with someone as young as 9 or 10 working with a rifle, but a handgun is a much different animal. According to NC law if the child is under 12 the parent must be in direct supervision to use any gun. I know I broke that law a few times as a tyke if it was in effect back in the day, but makes sense to me. So basically any child under 12 could not be instructed since most ranges only allow two per lane and one would have to be the instructor.

Now take it a step further, NC law does not allow possession of a handgun by anyone under the age of 18 except under parental supervision. I take parental supervision to mean the parent is supervising the activities. That would require they be in close proximity and can actually see what is going on. So again, at most indoor ranges with only two per lane, they would be out. In some ranges there is an area at the back wall where spectators can observe and IMO that would be fine. So it appears there is an age between 12 and 18 where it could be difficult to instruct on an indoor range and meet the letter of the NC Statutes unless you are the parent of the child.

The best thing a parent can do is take a class and then come home and instruct the minor child before taking them to the range. I think kids should learn to shoot at an early age and the best way to do that is to teach them to enjoy shooting activities.