Several years ago North Carolina enacted a smoking ban in restaurants and bars. Last night we went to a brewery in Bryson City and the whole place reeked of smoke which was being drawn in from outside by the HVAC system. The solution to the issue was simple, either close the wide open front door or shut down the HVAC system when the door is open. It was almost as if the guy smoking the cigarette in the first place had pulled up a chair and was toting on a bone right there. So if you find yourself in Bryson City and decide to hit the only brewery in town, be aware you may find yourself in a smoky non-smoking establishment.

Bottom line is I shouldn’t have to sit and smell smoke when I am trying to enjoy a beer inside a restaurant, bar or brewery if the establishment is in NC or any other state which does not allow indoor smoking. I’m pretty sure the brewery we were in last night had the AC on, space heaters going and the door opened. It just didn’t make sense.