So last night we are having dinner at a new find for me in Swannanoa named Native Kitchen and I notice they have a cider on the menu listed as coming from Yadkin County so of course I had to have some. The cider was McRitchie Dry Cider and it lived up to its name with a definite dry finish, but the aroma was alluring and reminded me of fresh-cut apples right down to the core. It was clean and had it been a tad sweeter I would have asked for an IV drip of it year round.

So imagine my surprise when I decide to get up this morning and wax poetic about this Yadkin County cider only to find the address is Thurmond. Freakin Thurmond, you gotta be kidding me. Thurmond ain’t in Yadkin County, best I can tell it’s in Wilkes County since it’s almost in Stone Mountain State Park. I think they meant to say Yadkin Valley. There is a big difference between the two and now I feel cheated. In all seriousness they got me with marketing, but I would have tried a North Carolina cider no matter what and I am glad I did.

So if you are out and about and spot a McRitchie cider on the bar menu, give it a whirl. It might not be from Yadkin County, but it is from the Yadkin Valley so it’s all good! 😉