Yesterday while in a Total Wine checking out the beer to kill a little time I happened upon sixers of Flying Dog Imperial IPA Single Hop Eldorado for $3.99 a sixer. At first I thought they had the wrong shelf tag and that was meant as a per bottle price since the beer is 10% ABV. Upon closer inspection it became clear that was the price of the sixer and I decided to bring it home and give it a whirl and if nothing else it could be meat marinade.

Imagine my surprise when the beer came out to be excellent. Not just passable or good, really good. Now it didn’t blow my socks across the room or anything, but for a 10% ABV brew to not show its alcohol and to be smooth and tasty was a treat indeed. The only flaw I noted was the beer had a bit of haze to it, but in truth I served it fairly warm and had not given any yeast particulate and proteins time to settle after the trip from the store to the house. I had also laid the sixer flat on its side to so I probably caused the particulate suspension to occur.

I don’t know if every store will have this brew at such an awesome price or if this was an isolated price blip at this particular Total Wine location. The announcement for this beer came out in late February so I wondered if they were trying to empty shelf spacing, but typically Total Wine does not liquidate seasonal beers that soon. Anyway, if you spot this one at your local bottle shop it would be worth picking some up even if the price was not as stellar as what I found. Getcha some!