This morning I got to thinking about all the various cartridges which have come and gone and many which were in vogue and now have fallen out of fashion. Take the .357 Magnum, it was really in its heyday in the late 1970’s through early 1990’s with the Death Wish and Dirty Harry movies. I know my first pistol was a .357 Magnum and I still love the cartridge today. The issue is it is more difficult to find at a reasonable price today that in the past. At one time it was on every shelf and a box was affordable. Now it is one of the more expensive cartridges out there.

Many others have gone, or are going the way of the do do. I have a .32 H&R Magnum single-action pistol and it has been a booger bear to find ammo for that gun. I finally located some locally the other day and bought all they had and it was almost $.70 a round. That’s $4.20 if you fire all six cylinders and does not make for a cheap day at the range.

Now one cartridge which has stood the test of time is the .22. I did a little research which in this case means I checked Wikipedia and noticed the cartridge came to be in 1887. That means this little cartridge has been around for over 100 years. Many people talk about it not having the stopping power and this and that, but I suspect more animals and humans (excluding military and revolutionary battles) have been shot with a .22 bullets than with any other cartridge. I spoke with someone recently who said they actually killed their first deer with a .22. Today the .22 is the least expensive cartridge on the market and you can find bulk supplies of ammo and shoot all day for a song. There is something to be said for putting ten rounds downrange at a total cost of less than fifty cents.

So based on cost it is the ideal cartridge. It’s certainly debatable if the .22 cartridge is adequate for self-defense, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say if you put 10 rounds of .22 into an attacker they are probably going to decide to leave you alone and that is really all we are after as civilians. So don’t poo poo the .22, embrace it!