I happened to be watching an episode of Drinking Made Easy and they were mixing up beer cocktails. In this particular case I would call them beer mixes since they were not adding spirits. I do see beer menus starting to pick up this trend and of course the black and tan has been around nearly forever.

Recently at a new restaurant they offered a Sweet P which was Sweetwater 420 Pale Ale and PBR mixed. Reports were all positive that t was a tasty beverage. I didn’t give it a whirl at the time, but rest assured I will my next time at that restaurant.

So is this a new trend which will crash and burn or something which is here to stay. I’m going to vote the latter. I’ve mixed beers when homebrewing and see no problem doing the same with commercial brews. A little of this, a little of that and you end up with a glassful of happiness. So the next time you cannot find something you like straight off the tap, ask if they can do a mix. The purists will be all up in arms, but that isn’t what matters, what matters is you!