A few days ago I posted on what to do with some red wine which had seen better days and called the post “Long in the tooth.” Well I am happy to report that ginger ale and red wine is a nice little libation. In fact if you added some additional sweetener, which I did not, you might end up with something close to grape Nehi.

I didn’t get exotic with it and add fruit, it was simply about a half and half blend of ginger ale and wine which had seen better days. In fairness the wine was becoming tart and just wasn’t my cup-of-tea. It could have been outstanding for the grape varietal, I don’t get too bogged down in all that jazz, I simply try to drink what I like. In this case pouring dollars down the drain just didn’t seem prudent so I mixed it up a bit.

Go ahead and give it a whirl, what do you have to lose, a can of ginger ale and the few seconds it took mix it up. I will say if you want more wine flavor add more wine, if you want it sweeter with more carbonation, more ginger ale. Cheers!