Noticed a post this morning where a person indicated his elderly grandmother has arthritis and is having difficulty racking the slide on here semi-automatic pistol and so he was trying to replace it with one which required less strength to operate the slide. I have to believe this is the perfect opportunity to get Granny a revolver. It should be much easier for her to handle and manipulate and if the revolver is from a manufacturer with a good reputation should last her for the rest of her life without ever having an issue.

It would not take much training at all for someone who is familiar with a semi-automatic to understand the operation of a revolver. If it were me I’d be looking for a fairly lightweight .357 magnum or .38 special with at least a 3″ barrel. Since she probably isn’t going to be concealing I would go for a pistol with a hammer in double-action with the ability to be fired single-action.

Whatever he chooses as a replacement for his grandmother it should be something she can used with ease should a situation happen.